Well, well, well…this is my first blog post for 2017. I’m proud to acknowledge that I have managed to complete this post well before January has ended so a big pat on the back for me. After a whirlwind year that was 2016, I am spending most of this summer re-orienting and re-organising myself in preparation for the big year ahead.  We are two weeks into 2017 and I pretty much can’t see a free month ahead of me where I get to do absolutely nothing at home/work/school. This is the year where I wrap up my PhD.  Will I finish it this year? I can’t say, but for someone who has a thesis due this year, I am pretty relaxed (aka. in denial). The organisation that I founded last year PICAA INC. (Pacific Island Creative Arts Australia Inc.) is celebrating its first birthday this month with a Pasefika music event called MUSIFIKA SONGFEST  so our PICAA team are excited to get this inaugural event going. I have a few projects to design and deliver to my beloved Pasefika community here in Melbourne and then of course, I am forever (willingly) chained to my role as musician for the EFKS church.

Life at home is pretty great! It’s been 3 years since I became a solo-mum of 3 children and I can pretty much say that God has blessed us with happiness (except for my hulk-coconut mother moments). My eldest son is facing a tough year at senior high school level, 2 more years then he enters university level (note to self: finish your PhD before your son starts university – he DOES NOT want to be your uni-buddy). My teen daughter is winning this whole ‘how to be a happy and confident teenage girl’ game – she plays it better than I did at her age that’s for sure…and then there’s my OstyWosty, baby of the family and the coolest of us all – I’m happy to report that he is still alive.

I started this blog 4 years ago because I had an itch to write and share my crazy-ass stories with you all…but then I became a post-graduate research student and that pretty much killed my writing buzz lol. BUT! Since 2017 is my year to wrap up the PhD so I can finally attempt living a normal life, having normal conversations about the weather and that awesome TV program from last night, I will update you all on my progress at a more consistent and regular rate than I did last year (I only posted a measly 4 times in 2016 – my badd!!). But I warn you guys – sometimes I will be blogging during a (desperate) study break at some dumb hour in the early morning so my words might not make sense; or I might be going through some mental-breakdown and end up telling you about what I did last summer (no really), or I might post up a for-sale poster for one of my children….judging by his ulavaleness lately, I’m gonna bet it’s my OstyWosty…So – please…bear with me. I promise you that somewhere underneath my ranting, there is hope that someone out there can empathise, understand or (surprisingly) be inspired.

Let the (2017) games begin….



7 thoughts on “LET THE (2017) GAMES BEGIN!

  1. Love it sis. I think I can also count on one hand how many times I blogged too in 2016 ha #twinning. Lets smash 2017 out of the park! You got this, can’t wait to read the celebratory ” I submitted my PhD” post later on in the year xx Moana

    1. You too? maybe you should do your post everyday for 30 days thing again – i am aiming for 1 post each week – omg here goes! Thanks sis for all your love and support!!

  2. WOOHOO! I remember your earlier posts about starting your PhD journey. Know that I am cheering you on from a far. Proud fellow southsider right here 🙂

    It’s so amazing what you can accomplish with faith, hope and lots of love (even when you don’t feel it at times). Happy New Year and bring on 2017 🙂

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