E lele le toloa ae ma’au lava i le vai – Aganu’u Fa’asamoa 101 Melbourne 2015


I just wanted to share this with you all, to show you what’s been happening in the Melbourne Samoan community. This is one event that made such a huge impact on many of our NZ-born Samoans who were able to re-connect culturally and linguistically to the homeland, Sāmoa. Please read the following blog post from our very own, Miss Delsa Evotia Tuitea – a Samoan-passionate-and-proud young woman who also just successfully completed a BA from LaTrobe University, Melbourne. Congratulations Delsa!!


Last week a group of 40 students were truly blessed to take part in the FIRST (auuuuuu) international Aganu’u Fa’asamoa 101 workshop for NZ & Australian Born or Raised Samoans. Truly a blessing from the Heavens this workshop is. For so many of us born and raised outside of our Motherland Samoa, the true essence of our Samoan culture has not always been emphasised, dying out or is beginning to lose it’s significance. It’s become something we have to do because “na fai mai mum ma dad e fai” and we have little understanding to all it stands for. For many youngsters we grow up learning to speak Samoan because we hear the constant “soia le fegagui so’o guku, o oukou gi palalagi?” so we obey our parents because we value our bodies from copping hidings lol. Speaking Samoan is not even close to BEING a Samoan, our cultural values are…

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