The morning chore – school drop off

It’s mid-March and I find myself dragging my feet to my kids’ school gate.  Everyday my brain is battling an issue: “Should I wave from outside the gate?” “Will Osty be okay if I tell him to walk from the car?” “There’s 5 minutes ’till the bell rings but can 9 o’clock just hurry the eff up?”.  I walk my kids into the school grounds, watch the 5yo sprint to the Prep-playground and the 10yo skip off to her friends…like the good mother that I am. Not.

There came a time (like last year for instance…)  when i could just drive up to the school, yell at the kids to hurry up get out then drive off to start my day.  It’s been 6 years since I’ve had to drop off a preppie (new entrance/grade prep) and I can’t help but feel like it is such a chore.  Maybe because back then I was a stay-at-home mother so it kinda feels like it was an easier task and I had time to do it (it could also be due to the fact that I weighed 15 kilos lighter back then and was physically fitter than I am now, but no I don’t think thats it lol).

The first week of Osty’s school year was exciting – I didn’t mind walking him up to the area where he had to line up with all the other newbies….watch the other parents fuss over their children: one isn’t wearing both of his schoolbag straps properly (can’t have that!), one has a wonky ponytail…another needs shoelaces tied.  You see, that week was a good one.  I actually enjoyed it, watching Osty finally become a schoolboy after spending all of his life in full-time daycare.  But now it’s week 5 (i think) of the first term and while the same ‘fussing’ parents are still straightening their kids uniforms while standing in line, I’m slowly inching towards the school gate ready to powerwalk the shizz out of there.

So, like I said, it’s week 5 of Term 1. Prep parents have been told that unless parents are standing outside the classroom doors, their child will not be ‘released’ when the school bell rings.  Which is kinda funny, seeing as how all the kids – mine including – sprint out of the corridors like a pack of animals who have been set free from their cages (im sure I couldve used a better example but not caring at the moment).  As long as my child doesn’t run out the school gates without supervision (aka his big sister) I think he’ll be fine.

So as of next Term, this mother will NOT be tailing behind her children in the mornings.  They can get shoo-ed out of the car at 8.45am Mon-Fri and I’ll wave  when I drive past them.

(Edited to say: According to my daughter it is Week 8 right now…you see? I’m on a roll….)


One thought on “The morning chore – school drop off

  1. hi Rita,
    I came across your blog while researching a paper for Uni on Samoan food and good health. I am also a mum and mature age student (and worker) and could really relate to what you said about letting your child go to new places! I’m studying Dietetics and would really like to talk to you regarding Samoan food culture and health in Australia. I saw in one of your posts you belonged to a church choir in Northcote, I am in Preston and work in Northcote, so maybe we live in similar area? Anyway, if you are inclined please email me,

    Alex 🙂

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