Update on the life of The Lost Coconut

Well helloooo there.  Here’s a quick update on what I got up to in 2013 (for my 10 readers who are interested).

1.  I started this blog

For the past 2 years I have been reading blogs on academic life, how to write a thesis etc, my personal fave is The Thesis Whisperer (she is most awesome!).  I also read blogs by other Samoans who are inspiring – my faves are Fagogo mai Samoa,….aue! and the ladies where I get my TV updates (since I don’t watch it) at Jawkward LOL, and where I catch up with my hamo dishes via Samoa Food.  So one day I decided to create my own blog via WordPress and coming up with the name ‘The Lost Coconut’ cost me a good 30 seconds of my life.  It aptly describes the way I felt (and sometimes still feel today) when I left my pacific-friendly hometown in South Auckland, NZ to live in a not-so-pacific-friendly Melbourne, Australia.

2. My community choir ‘The Melbourne Samoan Choir’ (MSC) enjoyed a few performances in 2013.

I formed MSC early 2012 so that a few friends and I could get together and just sing good old Samoan songs for anyone who wanted to listen.   Having a choir like this gives us the opportunity to perform Samoan music outside of church.   Our 2013 performances included: MSC at the Famous Spielgtent 2013, The St Piers Festival (St Kilda) and The Melbourne Choral Eistedfodd (CBD).  Have a gawk at our facebook page if you like: https://www.facebook.com/TheMelbourneSamoanChoir

3.  I graduated TWICE in 2013

Not once – twice!  The first grad (in May) was for the Bachelor of Music degree I completed in 2012 which I posted about earlier: My Graduation.  The second grad (in Dec) was for the Bachelor of Music (Honours) degree I studied and completed in 2013.  My uni experience, as I posted earlier,was a very lonesome one – no other Pacific Islanders in sight – (see Where the Samoans at?) except for the young Cook Island girl who works at the uni campus.  Anyway, I finished my honours year successfully (First Class Honours wassup!).

4.  My son turned 5 and graduated from Daycare

All up, I have paid for 8 years of full-time daycare (Mon-Fri) for my daughter (now 10) and then my son straight after she graduated.  I can’t tell you how AWESOME it feels not to have a daycare bill to pay anymore wooohooooo! I …. am ….. fffffrrrreeeeeeeee!

5.  I wrote my first thesis / dissertation.

Leading up to my honours year I had prepared myself for thesis-writing by reading about the process, getting schooled-up on my academic writing, reading blogs of other academics and their experiences.  So I thought I was ready for the challenge.  Come submission time (Oct/Nov) I was a zombie…sitting for hours at my desk, eating breakfast at dinner time and dinner at breakfast time – I had lost sense of time (and ahem…smell..as my kids say).  While I anticipated that the honours year was like a world away from the B.Music I had finished, I was not prepared for the back and forth “final” draft emails between my supervisor (the expert) and I (the clueless student)…I thought that when I submitted my final draft to her to have a look over, then that was it.  One moment that stood out for me was when my supervisor patiently told me that after a full-stop, you only hit the ‘space’ button once (instead of twice which I was taught in high school in the mid-90s).  Let’s just say that at that moment in time, I felt like I had been cheated. All this time I had no idea that someone out there in the ‘word processing world’ would even dare to change the ‘2 spaces after a full-stop’ rule (the nerve).  Three months later and I am still in shock and I may not even get over it.

So this is just a quick snapshot of some of the stuff I got up to last year, alternating with my role as faipese for my church Northcote EFKS in Victoria, Australia, mother to the 3 animals that live at my house and wife to the their master leader.  I didn’t really get to have a break in December due to a few events that I participated in but I will take a seat right now and breathe a massive sigh of relief that 2013 is over…..so that I can do it all over again in 2014 eh!

Lost Coconut signing out….for lunch.

Ia manuia xx


4 thoughts on “Update on the life of The Lost Coconut

  1. I had to laugh at your description of the lead-up to submission, particularly the endless draft emails back & forth bit, and then suddenly like that it’s…gone. Great to read your update, would love to catch up in person someday. xo

  2. I just realised why I haven’t been seeing your posts in my reader! I hadn’t followed you on my personal account, just the JawkwardLOL one. What a vale haha.

    ANTY-ways, your posts are always a lovely read. Congrats on graduating twice! Hahaha awesome achievements and with children in tow, inspirational! I completely related to there being no Samoans in my class when I was completing my postgrad year of English Lit at Auckland Uni. Sadmaking, really.

    Can’t wait to

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