My yesterday, my today, my tomorrow…my forever

Introducing a dear friend Jess Samoa from Melbourne who is trying to make sense of her world after becoming a widow 9 months ago and left with 2 small children at the age of 27. Rest in Peace Levi Samoa, you are sorely missed by your Melbourne community xxoxx


My yesterday, my today, my forever

I am 27 years young and have lived what feels like a lifetime of experiences.
I have loved, I have lost, I have seen happy times and sad times and I’ve still yet so much to see and learn I am sure.
My husband and I were what one would call “highschool sweethearts” We met in the year of 2002. Both 17 years old and not looking for love nonetheless we soon found it in 2003 when he asked me to be ‘his girl’.
Life and love went on and before we knew it our highschool days were over, fresh out of highschool we were young adults and ready for whatever life threw at us. He being the social butterfly and me more of a low key kinda gal, he had a natural flare for rugby and I was more into basketball even so both appreciated sports, he being more…

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