“You love me! You reeeeeeally love me!” – The Mask, 1994


It is my 4th week into this blog and I am STOKED to be nominated for THE LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD!  Biggups to my fellow bloggers JAWKWARDLOL (the LOL is silent) for passing this award over to my humble corner  – I am one of the lucky 3 they have chosen.  In keeping with this award, there are a few things I must do:

  1. Post 11 random facts about myself
  2. Answer the questions that have been set for me by the lovely ladies at JAWKWARDLOL
  3. Pass this award over to 11 new recipients
  4. Give them a set of 11 questions
  5. Post a badge of The Liebster Award on my blog
  6. Notify my nominees

PS.  If you want to re-visit your Samoan Teenager days, check out JAWKWARDLOL‘s  video Shit Samoan Mums Say.  So let’s get down to business shall we?


  1. I am a NZ-born Samoan.  My parents migrated from Samoa to NZ in the 1970s – Dad is from FALEALUPO (Savai’i) and mum VAIMOSO (Upolu).  I hail from the humble suburb of OTARA (South Auckland). Wassup.
  2. I have never smoked a cigarette in my life (watch this space).
  3. Career-wise, I am a late bloomer.  I got married and had kids at the age of 21 and didn’t go to University to follow my dream until I was 30.  I’m happy to say I have my Music degree AND still have my hubby and 3 kids.  However, its  a bit of a question mark regarding my sanity (it comes and goes).
  4. When things don’t work, I either throw them at the wall (my new phone when I couldn’t get the hang of touchscreen technology) or I kick the shit out of them (my expensive vacuum cleaner).
  5. My role model while growing up was Jackie Kennedy Onassis.  When I was 13, I watched a TV-Movie about her called ‘Jackie: The First Lady’ and I was instantly drawn to her.  A private, humble and genuine kind of woman.
  6. I don’t watch TV.  Up until a year ago I was hooked on the drama series BONES but then Booth got it on with Bones so all of a sudden it wasn’t  interesting anymore (I live for the buildup!).  However, for the next few months I will make an allowance to keep up with the ANZ Netball Championship. (GOOOO MYSTICS!!!)
  7. I played club netball when I was 12-13 years old.  I was the girl who always dropped the ball, threw it to the wrong person and stepped constantly.  My team mates always ignored me after games (except for one because she was my bestie).
  8. The first time I became a mother was a nightmare.  And I blame all those ladies who told me that childbirth was a beautiful and wonderful experience AH SHUDDUP! And I blame myself for stupidly believing them (Biarches!).   I had my mother, mother-in-law, sister, best friend, 3 x cousins and husband in the room – and dad in the corridor outside having a mini heart attack every time he heard me scream.  I got high over the gas and wouldn’t let go of the gas tube so when they yanked it out of my mouth I lost a tooth AND I kicked an elderly midwife in the chest and as a result she had a heart attack (luckily the A&E was upstairs).  So by the time I had baby no.2, I borrowed books and learned my shit about childbirth and was bloody ready!!!!
  9. As a musician, my principal instrument is the Pipe Organ.  While preparing for exams, I would be stuck in an old 100+ year old church by myself for hours.  But I enjoyed playing Bach, Buxtehude and Franck to all the ghosts inside that listened to me practice.
  10. I have been an avid reader of Romance Novels since I was 12 (shush don’t judge me!).  During class in high school, my English teacher caught me reading a Mills & Boon novel and spent a good 10 minutes lecturing me on how much rubbish was in those books.  I thought, maybe she was right?  So the next day, I went to the library (Manukau Public Library) and upgraded my reading list to Historical Romance Novels instead. What a coincidence that Fabio was the male in nearly every bookcover I saw.
  11. My favourite junkfood:  Bluebird TWISTIES, RASHUNS and RASPBERRY TWISTS.


What TV character would you most like to have dinner with? PeeWee Herman – so we could have a battle on who can sing “Deep in the heart of Texas” better.  I will easily win.

Look to your left! The first item you see will be taken with you when you’re thrown into a vortex that lands you in Narnia.  What is it?  My husband.  Yaaaaaaay!

What did you have for lunch yesterday?  A chicken-avocado toasted focaccia.

If given the chance (yes time travel is available, as are weapons) would you assassinate Hitler?  Oooh that’s a hard one.  To save the many lives that perished unnecessarily I would give it a stab go.  But in saying this, I’m a lover, not a fighter.

Favourite social media platform?  Twitter!  I keenly follow TheThesisWhisperer, TheResearchWhisperer, and PhdForum.

Welp! You’re sucked ino a movie! What kind and, if applicable, do you survive through to the end?  The Sound of Music – I get to play the guitar for the Von Trapps when they sing ‘The Hills are alive’ and then the Pipe Organ for Frauline Maria’s bridal march – my favourite moment!   Sadly, I don’t make it to the end because they didn’t take any instruments with them while crossing the border to Switzerland. Bummer.

Quick, the square root of 2345671!  Huh?

Jack gives Mindy $2.  Mindy loans a dollar to Jan.  How much money does Derek have?  Huh?

Timelord or Wizard?  Timelord

You get a call from your favourite fictional character, who is it?  JEM.  She’s calling me to say that I’m the newest member in her band ‘The Holograms’ AAAAND she’s giving me her earrings to keep! (“Synergy! Can you hear me?!”)  Truly Truly Truly Outrageous!!!!!

If lightning strikes the sea, why don’t all the fish die? (First of all, do you know the answer? Secondly, bonus imaginary points if you where that quote is from.)  I don’t know the answer to this…can I guess that this quote comes from a sad love song?


I am a new blogger – I haven’t made many friends as yet but I can say that I would like to nominate this award to 1 other blogger out there:

A Faatoia Fotography – a fellow Samoan/South Aucklander strutting her mad skills for all to appreciate – check her out!

And here are my questions to my nominees:

  1. What country would you like to live in (other than the one you’re already in) and why?
  2. If you were a successful entrepreneur, what kind of business would you be running?
  3. What movie is this line from: “Hey…my man! What it look like?”
  4. If you were a famous sportstar, would you be in it for the money and fame or for the love of the game?
  5. Are Shakespeare plays a waste of educational time?
  6. If you were to choose your ethnicity which one would you pick? (You can’t pick your actual one sorry)
  7. Do you play a musical instrument? If so, which one?
  8. The Spice Girls or One Direction?
  9. Very quickly, type at least 5 Supermodels from the 1990s
  10. What’s your blog about?
  11. Tell us about your typical day

And there you have it – my very first Blog Award!  Was it good for you as it was for me? Probably not.

Ia manuia xx



  1. Rita even in a blog about accepting an award I feel like your sitting here having a coffee with me while you recite every word…. LOVE IT! 🙂

  2. Awesome post! Brilliant answers.

    If lightning strikes the sea… the quote’s from Miranda a BBC Show. But I also note that you don’t watch much TV haha so understandable. =]


    1. don’t worry Jess, I’m sure that when your time comes you will be more ready than I was for it. Luckily my 2nd and 3rd attempts were much much better!
      Thanks for reading!

  3. How do you follow that? Especially that fact you nominated my ‘diary space’ for the next round. Ok fingers crossed. Thanks for getting me back into this blogging business AND congratulations on all your achievements to date 🙂

    1. Thank you Lovely Ana (with a tick! lol) I’m glad that this will get your blogging fingers back into action. All the best with your post, I look forward to seeing some more of your awesome photography work. Ia manuia xx 🙂

  4. OMGee suga..I don’t know if you suck at anything?? hahaha..even writing this acceptance blog has me in tears, hysterical laughter and just shocked at your answers! hehe..never a dull moment with you dear and I LOVE IT!! Bring on the next awards, wish it was a real live, walk on the stage and accept your award kinda speech, it would be to die for to be in that room cracking up so loudly as you cracked your mafu jokes or listening to you laugh at your joke before you even got it out..hehehe!! Love you sis and your beautiful writing, don’t stop and hopefully you can pass your talents onto one of you kids..hopefully Osty cos’ he’s got the best imagination out of the three..hahaha!! Keep blogging…

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