Where the Samoans at?

This is going to be a shorter post than my previous essays (just this once). It is the end of Week 2 of Semester 1 (University term) and I have just moved to a new university in order to learn from the best in my field of study (Ethnomusicology) at Australia’s number 1 ranked university.

I am now ‘living’ my dream of having the freedom and academic ability to study music from my own culture for the next few years. Some of you may dream of having the latest car, winning the lotto, making it into The X Factor, but me? I dream of researching and studying Samoan Music and writing a thesis all about it for someone who cares, (anybody out there?).

But here’s the thing: I have NO hamo friends at Uni. (No waaaay!???)

Yes way.

Last week I walked around campus getting a feel for the place and all the while scanning the crowds for a brown face. Nothing. Now, don’t get me wrong – I have many friends at Uni. ‘Many’ to me is 2-3 friends and 5 is like: OMG I am the Shizz! I have worked alongside some very young and talented Australians, beautiful people – humble and eager to do well at Uni, if not for themselves, for their families.

But you know, my tertiary experience has been lacking the ‘hamo’ factor. So I am basically putting myself out here in the big bad blogosphere (auuuu alliteration right thurrr) and calling out to any Samoans at Melbourne University who would like to get together – form an alliance (kidding!) – and share the joys (and burdens) of being a minority at tertiary level in this country.



7 thoughts on “Where the Samoans at?

  1. lol .. au su’e fua le au Samoa haha ..did you ever think that YOU are giving them the Samoan Experience haha …pei ole upu o le tusi ..”for it is better to give than to receive” my child hahaha… share ifo i le Atua ou Joys ma burdens lol … Hope the Samoans come running to you 🙂 … u r in a perfect position of influence! Samoa Represent 🙂

  2. Love that you’re living your dream, Rita! I’ll definitely be in line to read that thesis when you’re done. Hope you find some Samoan buddies at uni before too long. I’m sure if they’re there you’ll find them!

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